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An LP-1 is not a Printer Port

National Primary (NP) is a source of EAS Presidential messages.

Local Primary (LP) is a source of EAS Local Area messages. An LP source is responsible for coordinating the carriage of common emergency messages from sources such as the National Weather Service or local emergency management offices as specified in its EAS Local Area Plan. If it is unable to carry out this function, other LP sources in the Local Area may be assigned the responsibility as indicated in State and Local Area P lans. LP sources are assigned numbers (LP-1, 2, 3, etc.) in the sequence they are to be monitored by other broadcast stations in the Local Area.

State Primary (SP) is a source of EAS State messages. These messages can originate from the Governor or a designated representative in the State Emergency Operating Center (EOC) or State Capital. Messages are sent via the State Relay Network.

State Relay (SR) is a relay source of EAS State messages. It is part of the State Relay Network and r elays National and State common emergency messages into Local Areas.

Participating National (PN) sources transmit EAS National, State or Local Area messages. The EAS transmissions of PN sources are intended for direct public reception.

Non-participating National (NN) sources have elected not to participate in the National level EAS and hold an authorization letter to that effect. Upon activation of the national level EAS, NN sources are required to broadcast the EAS codes, Attention Signal, the sign-off announcement in the EAS Operating Handbook and then stop operating. All NN sources are required to comply with . 11.51, . 11.52 and . 11.61 of this part. They may transmit EAS State or Local Area messages at any time without prior notice.

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