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Deciphering your FIPS code

Your FIPS code, which must be programmed into your EAS equipment consists of 6 digits. The prefix digit is your subdivision code, which under the current system will always be 0. The next two digits are the state code, which is 51, the last three digits define your locality code; either your county, or independent city. The FIPS code is based on your FCC "CITY OF LICENSE", not your actual location. For instance, WFQX is licensed to FRONT ROYAL, VA, but operates with studios in Winchester and a transmitter site near Strasburg, in Shenandoah County. Front Royal is not an independent city, and is located in Warren County. Therefore, WFQX's FIPS code is 51187 (Warren Co., Va.). WBPP operates with studios in WINCHESTER (Frederick Co., Va.) and a transmitter site also in Shenandoah Co. WBPP's FIPS code is 51171. WFQX is in the Winchester Local Area, WBPP is in the Shenandoah Valley (Harrisonburg) Local Area. Go figure!

Even if you are located in the County, and not within the Independent City, your CITY OF LICENSE rules. If your "City of License" is NOT an Independent City, use the County that your "City of License" falls within. If you are located in Bristol Va/Tenn, consider moving!

Confused? Remember: City of License!

Depending on your EAS equipment type, you may or may not even enter the subdivision code, Check your equipment manual.

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